Business coaching helps you stay on track. Sports professionals regularly work with coaches on a one-to-one basis to perfect their skills, learn new techniques and develop strategies to beat the competition. A growing number of savvy business professionals are now being coached by experienced business mentors.

Colin has spent over 20 years successfully running small businesses and the last 15 years as a business mentor. He knows first hand how effective coaching is in keeping business owners focused on the main priorities, steering them away from mistakes and have them stay on track.

How business coaching helps


There are never enough hours in the day!
Greatly increases chances of business success.
You Learn new skills.
Minimizes risk of costly mistakes.

Over 50% of SMEs fail within 5 years
-  the main reasons being minimal business planning, lack of advice and guidance, cash-flow and funding problems.

Claire Bay

Colin is an amazing mentor, deeply involved in understanding my business and providing me with great methods and feedback. I first met him when my business was only one year old: working with him on a regular basis has helped me improve my processes and set the right goals for the future of my business. He has also helped me consider the effects of business decisions on my personal life, which proved invaluable. I highly recommend him.

Claire Bay Founder & CEO

 How business coaching works

Every business is different and there’s no set recipe for success, each business has its own issues and priorities. I have worked with a very wide variety of businesses over the years from wedding planners to electron beam welding manufacturers.

I help business owners develop a crystal clear strategy, to get their marketing right, to negotiate the best deals, to create great teams, to implement new systems and to handle their finances and raise funds, all the things you need to develop a successful company.

My job is to work alongside you providing additional expertise and insights to help you achieve well defined milestones and making sure you stay on track with the things that make a real difference to your business.

Having mentored many business owners I know that the best way to get things achieved is to work quickly and intensely for the first 2-3 weeks to identify your direction and priorities.

After the initial 2-3 weeks we then move to meeting fortnightly, face-to-face if you’re in Knutsford or close by, and by Skype if you’re further afield.  You can also email and phone me between meetings, for example, if you have a marketing campaign or a website going live or even if you just need to chat through a pressing issue.

50% of businesses do fail within 5 years
Don't be one of them!

Caroline Altimani

Everyone knows that small businesses fail, but when it happens to YOU it is a very personal and overwhelming experience. After 10 years of working hard and putting all your heart and energy into it, you just can’t accept with calm and a clear mind that everything has to stop. Colin supported and mentored me during the most traumatic experience of my business life – personal bankruptcy. He helped me understand what went wrong, put things into perspective, advised me on how to manage my relationships with suppliers and most importantly believed in me during my dark days. I have now come out the other side a smarter business woman and a happier person… Many Thanks Colin!

Caroline Altimani Recovering Business Owner

What's your style?

What you can expect from my business coaching and support is a more structured way of looking at your business, a no nonsense approach, and a clear focus on how to make more money and enjoy running your business more. My business coaching is a mixture of hard business strategy and thinking delivered in a very clear common sense way.

How long does coaching and mentoring last?

Mentoring and coaching lasts for as long as you need my help. Some of my clients just need advice with one area of their business, such as online marketing, and might need me for just 3 months other clients have been with me for several years requiring different help as business grows and develops. It’s flexible, there’s no minimum time to sign up for.

How much does it cost?

I have a sliding scale, depending at what stage of development your business is at now, and how much extra money you’re going to make as a result of working with me. The scale goes between £600 and £1100 a month, and I guess most of the businesses I work with pay around £700 a month.

What if I’m not in Knutsford?

That’s fine, I’ve got clients all over the UK, and a few in France. If you’re not in East Cheshire or South Manchester we can work together on Skype, which works well and is very time efficient.

How do I know it’s right for me?

The best thing for us to do is meet up for a coffee or have an initial chat via Skype and talk about your business and your goals. Then, once I’ve asked you lots of questions and you’ve met me, we can say whether we’d be a good fit for each other. I’m very honest about this, and I do tell people if I don’t think paying my fees for business coaching is going to be a good investment for them, usually leaving them with some good tips for how they can grow their business without my help.

Beth Stretton

Coin’s been my mentor for 7 years and over that period has been an invaluable sounding board for my many ideas (occasionally telling me what I did not want to hear!) Most importantly he helped me develop a clear online marketing strategy in a very competitive market and establish a business that now contributes millions into the UK and French economy annually…I can recommend Colin

Beth Stretton MD, MMIF