If your business needs to attract an equity partner or raise external finance, a professionally written business plan is critical to your success.

Our UK focused service includes a tailored Business Plan with 3 year financials and the added bonus of a pitch video.

Help in raising funds for UK Startups and SMEs


Colin Ward MBA


Rebecca Mallon ACMA

Colin Ward, holder of an MBA with distinction backed with 25 years of front line business experience, and Rebecca Mallon, ACMA, Financial Director and Chartered Accountant, have joined forces to offer business planning services in the UK. After exploring your current business situation, establishing funding needs and understanding your vision, Colin and Rebecca will get to work on preparing your tailored plan. Each business plan is written to meet specific needs, comprising a well-considered strategy backed with realistic financial projections, which will be respected by UK banks and investors alike.


For most business owners and entrepreneurs this is one of the scariest times of their business careers. Many talented business owners are daunted at the prospect of writing a business plan or lack the knowledge, confidence or presentations skills to try and raise funds. Its estimated for a beginner to write a business plan from scratch would take at least 100 hours. We are here to cut these time scales and help you every step of the way on your funding adventure.

Tailored Business PlansSuitable for banks and investors

There are many types of business plan. Each group of investors or lenders have their own set of criteria against which they will evaluate your business plan. Banks will be looking for guarantees and an assured order book, where as angel investors may be more interested in equity levels, long term growth potential and an exit strategy. No matter if you are looking for working capital, looking to invest in capital equipment and vehicles or moving towards buying land and buildings we work with you to identify suitable sources of funds and then help you write a plan, specifically for your business pitches. Time scales are around 2-3 weeks.

Fee - £995 - 2,995 (Free initial consultation to determine your needs and price includes a pitch video worth £400)

Free Pitch VideoClarifies you message

A picture speaks a thousand words. In support of your business plan we include a one minute whiteboard animated video which is designed to clearly convey your main message and get your pitch off to a great start.

Fee - Included in plan price (Value £ 400)

Coached Business PitchesPreparing you and your team for that crucial business pitch

Creating a winning business pitch is not easy. Anyone who has watched Dragons Den and cringed as what appeared to be a great idea - suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke when faced by the Dragons the entrepreneur loses their ability to speak or has no idea of the price of their product. As an additional service we can act as your Tame Dragons and help you build and practice a confident and persuasive pitch. If required we can also be part of your pitch team.

Fee - POA

Business Plan ReviewProfessional analysis and review of your existing plan

This solution is aimed at clients who have already drafted their own Business Plan, but feel they need a professional review before submission to a Bank or Investor. Our service includes an in-depth review of your Plan and financial projections, recommendations for changes and rewriting/reformatting where necessary.

Fee - £400

Funding Information Links

Of course the usual caveat - always take take professional advice


Business Finance - Great article by Ryan Platt outlining 6 sources of finance

UK Business Angels Association - Early stage investment in the UK

British Venture Capital Association - Industry body for the private equity and venture capital industry in the UK.

Funding Circle - Loans exclusively focused on small businesses  £5000- £1 million

UK Crowd Funding Association - Ordinary people getting together to fund businesses and projects

RateSetter - Peer-to-peer lending service.

Zopa - Loans and Peer-to-peer lending service.

Fundingoptions - Easy to use funding scanner that does not require your details.

Community Development Finance Association - provide loans and support to people who find it difficult to access finance from the commercial banks.

Innovate UK - Funding and support for innovative and often high risk projects from feasibility to prototyping.

GOV.UK - Finance and business support for UK businesses

j4bgrants.co.uk - funding information portal for UK small businesses or businesses looking to move to the UK. Also has a useful online course for professionals or individuals getting familiar with business funding, currently £75 and explains sources of funding, advice on how to apply.

Factoring & Invoice Discounting - Articles explaining factoring and invoice discounting and how they can fund working capital.


European Union Funding -  Range of programmes at regional level and micro-funding for individual small businesses.


HMRC Video Guides - Collection of easy to understand guides for starting your business, what to do about taxes.

Companies House - Searchable registry of UK incorporated companies and information.

GOV.UK - Business - The UK governments consolidated information portal.

Starting your own business - e-learning tool - HMRC FREE information and videos that advise on tax and National Insurance issues  involved in starting your own business.

Information Commissioners Office  (ICO) - Data protection registration costs £35 (for SMEs <250 staff and turnover < £25.9m), advice about cookies etc.