I started my career in the 70's in the energy sector as an engineer and finished there as an internal management consultant with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies.

In the 80's I was riding the telecoms deregulation boom, first as an organisational development specialist and following the award of an MBA with distinction was promoted to Business Planner for Mercury Communications which was the fastest growing company in Europe at the time, then finishing my tenure as Commercial Manager for New Service Development.

In the 90's my SME career took off when I was head hunted as CEO by a VC to successfully turnaround a group of  tech companies in the Cambridge Technology Triangle. I then bought out one of the subsidiary companies which I also turned around and sold.

In the naughties as the Internet was on the rise I was co-founder of a Digital Consultancy in Cambridge which offered Sales & Marketing and technology consulting services to over 150 clients in the UK and Europe.

In 2007 it was time for a new adventure overseas with my wife Sue. We sold the business, packed our bags and moved to France - we learned a new culture, designed and built a beautiful house and started an online Sales & Marketing Agency advising both French and English clients.

In 2015 it was time to return to family in the UK and begin our next adventure with a new consultancy in Knutsford specializing in Sales & Marketing. Working on a risk and reward basis, allowing clients to grow sales in a way they could not otherwise afford.

Colin Ward - Founder Director - MBA 25 years managing and advising startups and SMEs in UK and France