Want more customers ?

Looking for a smart way to grow your sales but you don't have the time, money or expertise ?

The problem - It takes a lot more than a pretty website or smart social media campaign to attract qualified prospects and then turn them into (profitable) paying customers.

It gets worse - If you have an intangible product like law or accounting or a complicated technical product, then it is even more difficult to communicate your real value. 

The Solution - I bring my 25 years of business knowledge and marketing expertise to grow your sales on a risk and reward basis. As your sales rise, I share a percentage of sales. If there is no sales increase, you don't pay me a penny.

 Step 1 - We work together to re-define your product or service through the eyes of your customer. 

Step 2 - I share with you proven pricing methods to increase your profitability and more importantly give you the confidence to implement price changes.

 Step 3 - When you have profitable product that your client wants at a price that's attractive - then we start a highly focused and aggressive marketing campaign.

Only 1 spot remaining for 2017

The CLIENT ATTRACTION SYSTEM takes time, money and commitment. I only plan to work with 3 clients in 2017. I already have two client on board - so just one place remains!

75% Complete - Only 1 client spot remaining

Colin Ward MBA, DMS

Yes, I Want more customers

P.S. Only contact me if you are serious about growing your sales and you're ready to make some changes.  When the second spot is gone... it's gone till 2018.


Top 3 Tips for Attracting Clients

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My Guarantee

Time is taken to get to know your business and customers.

Fees are based on your increased sales.

If there is no increase in sales, you don’t pay a penny.


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